How I quit dipping tobacco (snus) – Tips & tricks

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I kicked a 25 year long habit of dipping Swedish dip (snus) cold turkey. These tips will help you quit dipping.

The feature image is the poster my kids drew for me cheering me on. It says: “Congratulations Daddy – dip free for one week!”

Quitting dip is in many respects harder than quitting smoking. Why? In both cases, the hardest thing to get over is the habit. A smoker spends a few minutes consuming a cigarette while a dipper feels the dip in his/her upper or lower lip for hours.

This is the habit we must focus on beating.

A long time ago, my dad told me the story of a close friend of his quitting dip. He told me that he used cotton to stuff his lip when he felt the urge and that story stuck.

Before I put in the last dip of my life, I order of these dental cotton rolls on Amazon. They are perfect in size for a fake dip.

Clicking on the image will take you to Amazon in a new tab and if you end up purchasing, will get a small affiliate commission so I would like to thank you in advance if you do use my link. Use this link if you are outside of the US and it will take you to the correct Amazon store.

How to beat the habit

Here are some things you will encounter and what you can do about it.

Man, I am craving a dip
Most common level craving
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    What to do

    Put a cotton roll under your lip, close your eyes and pretend it is dip

Dude, it's getting worse
Fairly common level
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    What to do

    Bring snap peas and other vegetables to work or you will gain a lot of weight. You often respond to cravings by eating and when you finish eating something, you will want a dip (put in the cotton roll). See the viscous cycle?

I can't take it anymore
Where most people can fall of the wagon
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    What to do

    The following tip, I only used at very desperate times and only within the confines of my own home. Iā€™d take a cotton roll and dip it in scotch, then putting it under my lip. The burning sensation of dip was fairly well simulated and my brain was fooled again!

Disclaimer: I am not a physician, these are simply the things that I did and worked for me. Go to your doctor for medical advice.

Other tips

These are some things I did that helped a ton.

Track your success

I installed Livestrong – my quit coach app. It’s a quit smoking app, but it works just as well for dip. Set up how much you pay for a can of dip and how often you would buy. The app will keep track over how much money you save. The chat forum actually helped quite a bit. To see and hear about other people struggling with kicking their addiction.

Reward yourself

Above, I mentioned how the app keeps tabs on how much money you save from no longer buying dip. Every month, I would take that money and reward myself with whatever I wanted. Sometimes I saved for a few months to reward myself with something bigger. Let yourself do this for 1 or 2 years, or however long it takes you to get to the point where you no longer notice that you are living without dip.

Got anything to add?

Have you gone through quitting? Please leave a comment if you came up with some tricks on how to battle cravings. Also feel free to just say hi šŸ™‚